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Rajesh Physics Classes ” The Best Physics Classes for IIT, JEE (MAINS+ADVANCE)/NEET in Boring Road Patna

Moto of Rajesh Physics Classes

There is no magic formula for success. It requires the right preparatory guidance and learning skills. Here in Rajesh Physics Classes will find a way powerful and innovative teaching system guided by Rajesh Kumar Singh that can help you unfold your full potential systematically to achieve a higher standard.

Moto of rajesh Physics Classes
Vision of Rajesh Physics Classes

The vision of Rajesh Physics Classes

The vision of Rajesh Physics Classes is to create a place for happy and creative learning and as an institute to help in bringing out the positive growth of students through the best and most innovative methods.

Quality Learning Classes

We offer best explanation and doubt clearance in physics concepts in quality learning classes with utmost dedication and enthusiasm. Step ahead as a focused individual to prepare for 11th/ 12th foundation and NEET/AIIMS Target and acquire learning concepts.

Quality Learning classes
Rajesh Physics Classes

Self Assessment Tests

In Rajesh Physics Classes students have to give regular tests in competitive exam (JEE/NEET/AIIMS) and board exam (11 and 12 Foundation) to obtain good marks. Tests are conducted in this institute during completion of course and after completing course. The objective of conducting tests is to analysis of students so that it helps students to remove mistakes.

Advanced C.B.S.E 11 and 12 Foundation

Rajesh Physics Classes are aimed to provide students best explanation to C.B.S.E/Bihar Board syllabus Rajesh Physics classes are backed up with subject expert teacher who provide classes for the C.B.S.E/Bihar Board syllabus for class 11 and 12. Rajesh Sir works to ensure that the study material for physics is apt and easily understandable. This way it makes the learning process much easier and enjoyable. Join Rajesh Physics Classes to enhance scores in the exam for class 11 and 12 in physics, best physics classes in Patna. Rajesh Physics Classes provides experiential learning of a crash course to get good marks in the C.B.S.E/Bihar board exam. The course includes basic math concept, physics concept, monthly tests, sample paper discussion, previous year paper(last 10 Years) discussion, Revision Notes, important formulas. The concept is taught in an easy and effective way so that the weak students can also remember it. Important formulas along with tricks will be focused too and ways on how to remember it easily as well.

How to Crack IIT-JEE through Rajesh Physics Classes

Syllabus (including part tests) will be completed by November 25. Eight full tests on the basis of JEE Mains pattern will take place from November 25 to December 30. You have to come to class every single working day after first JEE MAIN examination. In between 1st JEE Main exam and 2nd JEE Main exam you have to face five full tests on the basis of JEE Main and three full tests on the basis of JEE Advanced in every month. In between 2nd JEE Main exam and JEE Advance exam you have to face seven full tests on the basis of JEE Advanced.

How to Crack NEET/AIIMS through Rajesh Physics Classes

Syllabus (including part tests) will be completed by 25th of December. Only full length test and their complete dicussion will take place between January to March. Syllabus will be completed on the basis of ongoing test series.


The Tagline of Rajesh Physics Classes is “The one who asks more questions will learn more and one who learns more will have more knowledge”. The institute motivates students to actively involve in class. And it can only possible if they ask questions. By asking questions students can develop their critical thinking skills, review their learning.

**Self-Confidence** Confidence is an important key in life, so never give up. Remember that the person that gives up never can achieve anything. Therefore, believe in yourself. Just remember that you have confidence and you will succeed. Lack of confidence makes you mentally weak. And have confidence makes you mentally strong.

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Dear students, As you know very well that Physics play a vital role in your examination (Medical/Engineering entrance test, 11th, 12th..) and it is perhaps the toughest section for most of the students. We have designed our course in such a way following which you can definitely overcome your weakness and you shall be among top ranker. We provide you a solid concept of Physics from the very beginning and after the completion of every topic, we give your practice more and more through test and explanation. It doesn't matter how much theory you have learn, it does matter how much practice you have done through different types of questions. It is the practice only that makes you confident, minimizes your mistakes, increases your accuracy and speed and finally enables you manage your time and that is why it is said that "PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT" So, please never say Ok unless you understand the topic well. Here you shall feel how much cooperative we are with you. If you feel yourself weak to overcome the obstacles coming in the path of your success and to convert your potential into performance, please do give us an opportunity to help you. --- Rajesh Kumar Singh

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Goals of Rajesh Physics Classes

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and dissemination of truth. Your bright future is the goal of Rajesh Physics Classes.This physics classes in boring road Patna prepare every student their better successful future. Rajesh Physics Classes ensure a better education for NEET,JEE(MAINS+ADVANCED), 11th, 12th, IIT, Medical, Target, Foundation, Crash Course in boring road, Patna. The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and dissemination of truth.

The mission of Rajesh Physics Classes

The mission of Rajesh Physics Classes is clear. It always focuses on student’s needs and their capability and tries to fulfill their requirements. As a physics coaching in boring road, Rajesh Physics Classes in boring road wants to teach physics easy NEET,JEE(MAINS+ADVANCED), 11th, 12th, IIT, Medical, Target, Foundation, Crash Course so that students get good marks in every competitive or board exams.